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Latest on mystery of missing Newlay crocodile ‘Jock the croc’

About a month ago the Dispatch reported on the mysterious case of the theft of the Newlay crocodile, writes JILL BUCKLEY.

Thieves entered the garden of the Newlay property in the dead of night and took Jock the Croc, a six-foot ornamental crocodile from his home where he has been for more than ten years.

Well, we are now happy to report its safe return!

Newlay Conservation Society announced on Facebook yesterday that Jock the Croc was found in Brigg Flat Wood, at the bottom of Pollard Lane. And local residents are pleased to see its return with one commenting:

“It will make my school walk much better now!”

But what did happen to Jock? No-one seems to know. One local resident speculated on Facebook:

“Wonder if he’s been there all along or if someone’s had a pang of conscience.”

Wherever Jock has been everyone will be happy to see him back in his rightful place next to the River Aire. Newlay Conservation Society commented:

“Jock the Croc has turned up safe and sound in a nearby wood. Thanks so much for publicising his disappearance.”






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