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Late-night motorbike riders set for £100 fines in Leeds

By David Spereall, local democracy reporter

Nuisance motorbike riders and engine revvers who’ve been plaguing Leeds residents with late-night noise will soon be hit with fines of up to £100.

Leeds City Council will introduce a public space protection order (PSPO) across the city from April 1, following a consultation last year.

The move, which will apply to cars as well motorbikes and quadbikes, aims to crack down on vehicle-related anti-social behaviour.

Drivers and riders who rev their engines too loudly, play music at unreasonable levels or beep their horns unnecessarily could all be fined under the scheme.

Local police said last year that such behaviour was a growing “national problem”, but parts of south and east Leeds have been particularly affected by it in recent months. WLD has reported on regular problems across West Leeds over the years.

Leeds’ Liberal Democrat group leader and Rothwell councillor Stewart Golton, welcomed the new PSPO, saying the issue had caused “real distress” for his residents.

He said: “Anti-social behaviour involving quadbikes has been a problem for some time now.

“What is particularly dangerous is they’re not just riding around off-road but they’re taking it onto the public highway and public footpaths where people have had near misses.

“I’d like to see these PSPOs enforced very strongly in the interests of safety of misguided youngsters themselves and those they put at risk through their behaviour.”

Speaking last July, when a consultation over the idea was announced, the council’s deputy leader, Debra Coupar, said that “everyone has the right to feel safe in their community”.

She added: “Tackling vehicle related nuisance is a key priority for us as we recognise the impact it has on people’s lives and so, working in partnership with the police, we are seeking to address it with this new measure.”


  1. it wont work because most of the nuisance bikes are stolen and have no number plates so how are the council going to fine them

  2. What a load of crap. I live in Morley and Victoria Road is a nightmare. It’s been reported to the police numerous times and they do nothing. So who’s going to police this? No one…another legislation/law that can’t be used because of cuts. We’ve made a rod for our own backs because we’re doing nothing to stop these scrotes. This country is a mess!

  3. 100£ ?? That’s all?? Wow… and wonder how they gone catch them. Joke! The same like fine for dropping litter !!! Rubbish everywhere and nobody give a f…….!!!!!

  4. This will only fall on the legal bike riders who do have MOT insurance crash helmets registration plates. This has been a problem in Rothwell for the last 5/6 years they can’t even catch them to give them a fine. So it will fall to all the decent people to pick up the fines.

    Yes motorbikes are noisier due to the nature of the high revving engines. It’s the uninsured kids on the bikes that need stopping.

  5. Remove the bike from the person causing the nuisance. Bike can be recovered if the fine is paid within a week otherwise it is sold and funds put into the community

  6. It’s a good idea, but who’s going to catch them?
    Gangs of quad bikers rides around City Centre bellowing their exhaust loud enough to bring the buildings down. Same goes here for Harehills/ Chapeltown area. The police no interested.
    I was in my parked car on Bayswater Rd, Harehills when a runaway car lost control & scrapped my side. £3000.00 damage done.
    2 young men did not stop, I gave chased after & caught them. They won’t give me name, address or insurance details.
    I rang the Police only to be told they do not come to R/T accident any more.
    Even after explaining of No Road tax. No MOT, No Insurance, the operator insisted we exchange details & go.
    I & some fellow drivers managed to keep them talking for nearly two hours until 1 officer arrived. But she’s not from this area & only charged one of them to go to court. Othe other who claimed to be the owner walked off without a question being asked.
    To top up all this she announced the Police do not get involved with damage claims.
    I am left to face the music on my own thank you.

  7. The police are not to blame when they do catch dd and idiots fly up and down residencel areas where children play they let the f_______ go not enough evidence

  8. We are far too lenient on everything. Music is awful played super loud and most people don’t want to hear about some b***h being beaten or shot. No matter what happens the criminal will win as always. I work 45/50+ hrs a week and can’t afford half the stuff some people say they have bought who don’t work. Smoking of weed has become a huge thing now and they can afford that too. £100 is nothing these days. Make it 1k and I bet the parents would keep a check on em.


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