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West Leeds bus services face axe or reduction

By David Spereall, local democracy reporter

Six Leeds bus services – including routes serving West Leeds – could be axed in April by the operator First.

The numbers 87, 64, 47,48, 9 and 9A might all be permanently withdrawn by the company, according to leaked plans.

A further seven West Yorkshire services are at risk of having their frequencies slashed.

The planned changes have not been confirmed, but if they go ahead, they are likely to take effect from April 2.

The move would also be in spite of the Department of Transport (DfT) extending emergency funding for bus operators from the end of March until June.

One Leeds councillor, whose residents would be affected by the proposed changes, said “whole communities are at risk of being cut off” from repeated cuts.

They said: “It’s completely taking away people’s basic routines around commuting and leisure, with very little warning and no indication of whether or not they’re going to replaced or reconfigured in the future.

“First should be honest, communicate with people and give them a meaningful heads-up if passengers are going to have to change their whole commute.”

Around 30 more First services were believed to be at risk of changes or withdrawal had the extra DfT funding not been announced, although questions remain about their long-term futures after June.

It’s understood no other local bus operators, including Arriva, are planning to make any cuts in the immediate future. Arriva themselves announced a raft of service withdrawals in the autumn which have already taken effect.

First did not comment when repeatedly approached for comment last week. On Monday, the company said on Twitter it was “continuing to work closely with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to finalise details”, ahead of a March 3 deadline for announcing the changes.

Possible changes in full, according to the leaked plans

Services which could be withdrawn:

9 – White Rose Centre-Pudsey-Farsley-Horsforth

9A – Seacroft-Colton-Swillington-Rothwell-Middleton-White Rose Centre-Pudsey-Farsley-Horsforth

47 – Leeds-Hunslet-Middleton-Morley-White Rose Centre

48 – Wigton Moor-Moortown-Chapeltown-Leeds-Hunslet-Middleton-Morley-White Rose Centre

64 – Leeds-Cross Gates-Barwick-in-Elmet-Aberford

87 – St James’ Hospital-East End Park-Hunslet-Holbeck-Armley-Bramley

Services which could have their frequency cut:

14 – Pudsey-Armley-Leeds-Logic Business Park

X11 – Leeds-Armley-Pudsey

508 – Halifax-Shelf-Thornbury-Leeds

181 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee

183 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden

184 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden-Lees-Oldham

185 – Huddersfield-Cowlersley-Slaithwaite-Wilberlee-Marsden

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  1. The cuts to the bus service inside Pudsey Bus Station are disgusting! The bus station cost tax payers £3.25-Million. I predicted anti-social behaviour once the bus station finally opened up to the local public many moons ago. There’s also an off-licence shop being investigated opposite Pudsey Bus Station who gives alcohol to underage children on a regular basis. There’s also anti-social behaviour inside Pudsey Park on a regular basis too! Pudsey Town Centre is a no go area after 5pm-ish. I get nervous shopping in the area in the evenings.

  2. Your wanting people to use the buses !!number 9 is the only bus that goes to horsforth from Pudsey, number 4 is the only direct route to Leeds Pudsey needs more buses not less

    • I totally agree Elaine. The service is bad enough now, we don’t want it to be worse. If it takes place we just won’t be able to get to the white rose shopping centre at all! X

  3. The number 9 gets my son to college. This is an absolutely disgusting thing to even discuss. This is the problem we have with public transport not being publicly owned, we are susceptible to cooperate decisions that only benefit them and not the public.

  4. I use the number 9 bus to get to work it’s the only bus that’s on that route why have a public transport system when you can’t use it

  5. I recall halcyon days (not so long ago) when from Calverley we enjoyed the certainty of regular buses throughout the day not only to Leeds but also to our nearest city centre Bradford and much-loved Pudsey centre. Either that or we could make our way to Rodley and with confidence hop on the number 9 for trips to Horsforth. Half-hourly became hourly, all-day became daytime-only and 7 days became weekdays only. Reliable became risky hit-and-miss. And then the services disappeared altogether. Now it seems the number 9 is following the same sad money-saving route. Social disconnection is not progress!

  6. I use the x11 frequently it is the only bus I can get which goes directly to pudsey? Is there an alternative? If there is, I don’t know if one… please don’t reduce the x11 timetable. Theres always plenty of people on when I use it and also plenty of school children in the afternoon. Help them to get to school and back home safely. Please….

  7. my child gets the 508 from bramley to bradford and back for school and to see his dad/dads family. and i use it 3 times a week to get to bramley to halifax and back for work. so how the hell are we supposed to get to school and work? now we will have to walk half an hour to catch 72 in bradford city centre and then wait for another bus to take us where we need to go? absolute joke

  8. they want people to use buses then stop buses people rely on my kids get the 508 from bradford to bramley for school as its the only bus that goes there. no idea how they are going to get to school and home again now! and first bus havent even informed people or asked their opinions

  9. I’ve also heard because of anti-social behaviour @ the bus station, it could get demolished within 2 to 3 years time! What a waste of taxpayer’s cash? It cost £3.25-Million to build & opened up to the public since 2011.


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