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Kirkstall Road: Housing plans on former Arla foods site to be debated

Councillors will discuss early proposals for a residential development on the former Arla foods site off Kirkstall Road next week.

The proposals would see a residential-led development of six blocks of around 640 rented flats on a site which is L-shaped, with the long side fronting the river.

The flats would be mainly one and two bedroomed, with a small number of three-bedroomed flats.

On the ground floor of the blocks would be space earmarked for cafés, small-scale retailing and creche facilities.

There would be parking for 240 cars, with one entrance to the site from Kirkstall Road. There would also be an ‘exit only’ on Washington Street.

The only existing building on the site – known as The Tannery – would be demolished.

As the proposal is at pre-application stage, councillors sitting on next Thursday’s City Plans Panel will discuss the application and offer initial feedback to developer Marshalls CDP ahead of a formal application being submitted to Leeds City Council.

They will be asked to consider whether they support the proposed uses on the site, the design and scale, car parking, use of public realm and access/connectivity.

A planning officer’s report to be considered by councillors on Thursday includes:

“This scheme represents an opportunity to continue the introduction of residential use on the southern side of Kirkstall Road following on from the approval at City Reach [on the former Yorkshire Chemicals site].

“It would provide large areas of open space, as well as connectivity to the waterfront and a new section of riverside walkway.

“The proposed residential use on this site is in line with national policy, as is the provision of affordable housing and this is clearly to be welcomed. In conclusion the emerging scheme is likely to be supported by both local and national policy. “


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