Kirkstall Road creative hub kickstarts #ReclaimTheCanal Campaign

leeds liverpool canal

A new community project aims to bring people together who want to use the Leeds Canal towpath and other riverside paths after dark – but are too afraid to do so alone.

Although these paths are very popular with commuters during the daytime, they are often unused at night because they are considered by many to be poorly lit and even unsafe.

The Reclaim the Canal campaign, run by creative hub Open Source Arts, will address this problem by providing an online platform for people to organise meeting up with others who are making the same journey so that they can travel together.

Phil Marken, Director of Open Source Arts, said:

“We are launching Reclaim the Canal, a project so beautiful in its simplicity but which we think will make a huge difference.

“If you are a runner, cyclist, mover or walker and want to meet other people eager to use the canal after dark, simply join the ‘Reclaim the Canal – Leeds and Yorkshire’ Facebook group, mention where you are travelling to and from, then meet up and set off to travel safely together around Leeds and the surrounding areas.

“Please make sure that you arrange to meet in a safe space and in groups to ensure that you look after yourselves.”

Participants are encouraged to join the ‘Reclaim the Canal – Leeds & Yorkshire’ Facebook group to find out more and get involved.

Open Source Arts is based off Kirkstall Road.



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