Kirkstall: Planners reject pod on traffic and parking grounds

kirkstall morrisons car park

Plans to build a ‘pod’ in Kirkstall where people can pick up cars bought via a popular national website have been refused by Leeds City Council.

Web-based car seller wanted to build a prefabricated single storey unit, which would take up two car parking spaces in Morrisons car park, off Savins Mill Way.

The applicants, who said the proposals would ‘revitalise the carp park’, claimed up to 10 cars could be on the site at any one time.

But Leeds City Council planning officers refused planning permission this week, saying the pod would create a significant additional parking demand, extra traffic and congestion and would erode the existing parking provision in the area.

A council report claimed the number of spaces affected would actually be closer to 30 and added:

“The potential removal of 30 + parking spaces especially at busy times could cause queuing within the car park and potentially flow onto the highway network, [and is] thus considered unacceptable in terms of highway safety. In addition, staff parking would also be required.”

This is the second planning application for the car park to be refused this month. Concerns over road safety in Kirkstall also scuppered plans for a car valeting service in Morrison’s car park.


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