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Kirkstall group drafts ideas on reducing car travel on congested A65

A Kirkstall community group is urging residents to take part in a public consultation to ‘make Leeds a city where you don’t need a car’.

Community organisation Kirkstall Valley Development Trust has responded to Leeds City Council’s draft Connecting Leeds transport strategy, coming up with its own ideas on how to reduce car travel, specifically on the busy A65.

A public meeting last month led to the formation of the A65 Sustainable Travel Group, which came up with the following ideas to feed into the draft strategy:

  • Improved, cheaper bus services that enable people to criss-cross their local area, rather than just a focus on moving in and out of the centre.
  • More ambition on active travel infrastructure – especially working towards a revolution in e-bike usage in the city.
  • A commitment to the development of the “15 minute neighbourhood.
  • Reduced road space for cars, more focus on improving paths.
  • A transport system that tackles inequalities and promotes social justice should be clearly laid out as part of the big moves. By putting the different needs of people at the heart – young, old, people with disabilities, marginalised and people living in poverty, this transport strategy can tackle the climate emergency and improve life for many people in Leeds. 

A KVDT spokesperson said:

“We support this bold direction as set out by Leeds City Council in the new transport strategy. We are especially excited about the ambitions to make Leeds a city where you don’t need a car and the focus on “creating healthier streets, spaces and communities.” These have the potential, in our view, to transform life, both for local residents in the Kirkstall Valley, as well as those in the wider area.”

KVDT is encouraging people to get involved in three ways:

  • Submit your own response to the consultation
  • Email your councillor to say that you support KVDT’s response
  • Join the A65 Sustainable Travel Group

The Connecting Leeds strategy will upgrade key bus corridors to provide fast and reliable high frequency services, develop its park and ride offer on key routes across the city, and promote “demand responsive” transport services to offer flexibility and connectivity in areas not well served by traditional bus services.

Take part in the consultation here by March 26.

The A65 Sustainable Travel Group meets every other Friday. More details from


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