Kirkstall Forge: Public event unveils proposals for ‘next generation’ workspace

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There are plans for a new office block next to Number One.

West Leeds residents can attend a public consultation to view proposals for the next phase of office space at the £400 million Kirkstall Forge scheme.

The event will be held in the reception of Number One Kirkstall Forge on Tuesday 16th July, between 5pm and 7pm. A team from developers CEG will be on hand to provide information, discuss the proposals and answer queries.

Information will also be available at the CEG marquee at Kirkstall Festival at Kirkstall Abbey on Saturday, 13th July.

A contemporary 190,000 sq ft office development is being proposed. The flexible space will appeal to headquarter occupiers, with open floor plates from 11,000 sq ft.

A dedicated car park will be positioned between the two new office buildings. Electric car charging, a cycle spa, shower rooms and locker facilities will be provided within the building.

Masonry will reflect the commercial as well as the new residential elements on the site helping to blend the mix of uses being delivered across the 57-acre development.

Paul Richardson, investment manager at CEG, said:

“We have set a high benchmark that we aim to build on with our next phase of commercial development. We intend to harness CEG’s understanding of what our customers need for their business to thrive and ensure we deliver that in a contemporary, flexible and unique way and hope local people attend the event to find out more.”

Number One Kirkstall Forge has established the site as a new destination, attracting Zenith, Mercedes-Benz Vans UK Ltd, Bupa, Smart Buildings Ltd, CEG, Trufe and Butlers restaurant and bar.

Ultimately, the £400million Kirkstall Forge scheme is set to become home to 1,050 new homes, 300,000 sq ft of offices and 100,000 sq ft of retail, leisure and community space.

The Dispatch reported last week how the latest plans had been met with mixed feelings by council decision-makers.


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