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Kirkstall: Flats plan for Abbey Road industrial unit

An industrial unit in Kirkstall could be transformed into nine flats, if plans are approved.

Bradford-based developer Piccadilly Properties has applied to change the use of the NJ Metals Gates and Railings building into seven one-bedroom flats, and two one-bedroom flats.

The plans – which can be viewed in full here – don’t include parking details.


  1. I am sick of my part of Leeds having the roads closed so people can run on them. Why can’t they run in other parts of the city or around a park or other open space. Also do business owners receive any compensation for loss of business?

  2. Oh for heaven’s sake man stop whining! How many full days a year does this happen? A handful at most!

    How many thousand of pounds are raised for charity each time?

    But hey, it’s ok, it’s all about you. Just remember there ARE 365 days in a year …


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