Kirkstall flats plan: developer buys extra land from council


The owner of a former halls of residence in Kirkstall which is set to be transformed into flats has bought a piece of adjoining land from the council.

The Dispatch reported earlier this month how councillors approved in principle plans to convert a vandalised former student halls of residence at 101 Commercial Road into 36 affordable flats for graduates and young professionals.

Now, council officers have approved a request from developer Elite Private Residences to buy extra land immediately surrounding it from the council. The developers say the purchase will secure ownership of footpaths leading to the property.

The amount of money the council has received has been declared ‘confidential’ and has not been revealed by the local authority.

The property – which has fallen into neglect in recent years – was originally sold by the council in 2000 for use as student accommodation.
A council report says the front portion of the site was not included in the sale as council bosses thought it might be required for future highway improvement works to the A65 which passes in front of it. It adds:
“The property is surplus to the council’s requirements and no operational reason has been identified to justify its retention. In these circumstances, its disposal represents prudent and economic asset management, obviating holding costs  associated with managing the land and therefore supports best value objectives of the council.”

The panel of city councillors approved the flats development in principle at the August 6 south and west plans panel meeting, subject to a number of conditions being agreed with council planning officers.




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