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Kirkstall and Burley residents urged to attend Headingley Stadium traffic meeting

Residents in Burley and Kirkstall can attend a meeting to discuss a plan to manage traffic around Headingley Stadium on matchdays.

People living in Burley and Kirkstall suffer from traffic congestion and inconsiderate parking on matchdays.

But bosses at the sporting venue are hoping the Emerald Headingley Stadium Event Plan will ease problems in Headingley and North West Leeds.

The plan looks at issues including encouraging more sustainable methods of getting to the stadium, such as public transport, car sharing, car clubs, and enforcing parking restrictions.

Some residents have said that the plan doesn’t do enough to ease problems in Burley and Kirkstall.

The Headingley Stadium Event Traffic Plan will be considered at the Stadium Liaison Group Meeting on Tuesday 22nd January at 7pm at the Lewis Jones Suite (third Floor of the Extentia Stand) at the stadium.


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