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Jubilee scarecrows decorate the streets of Bramley

Words: Shanai Dunglinson

Photos: Philip McConnell

An exciting display of scarecrows have started to pop up along Ganners Way and Ganners Walk in Bramley in honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Neighbours have come together to celebrate the Jubilee this year in a rather unexpected but impressive way. Organiser, Dave Hodgson, decided a scarecrow competition was the best way the people of Bramley could present their creative skills, in honour of the Queen’s historic milestone.

Starting yesterday (1 June) and ending next Wednesday (8 June) scarecrows are decorating the two streets in Bramley.

Tens of scarecrows have been dressed in a multitude of costumes and armed with various props, and are standing guard outside the houses of the competitors. Some are spookier or friendlier, depending on their costume.

Check out Philip McConnell’s slideshow of images below:

The scarecrows are dressed to individual themes, for example, Wizard of Oz and Great British Bake Off. The community has creatively used props such as balloons for heads, twigs for fingers – and one scarecrow can be seen playing poker.

Speaking to local resident Denise, who created a Starbucks barista-crow, she revealed that it took two hours to make her scarecrow. When asked why her and her kids decided to take part she said that she is:

“Trying to give back to the community, just always being involved. We love our neighbours, we love everyone! We get along with everyone on the street. We just though it’s a nice little laugh and the children are on school holiday so why not get them to work.”

Organiser Dave has rallied support not just from the competitors themselves, but also the local sponsors providing the prizes. There is certainly much incentive to create a masterpiece, with vouchers donated from business’s in the local area such as Midgley’s Fish and Chips, Bramley Baths and an engraving by Bramley Iron Mongers & DIY. 

Blue Tiger restaurant has also provided the competitors with a voucher for a meal. 

Dave said:

“After two years of lockdown people can get all creative and use their creative minds. It’s about getting to know your neighbour better, community spirit on the street instead of just saying ‘hiya’ to them on the street, instead of just nodding, having a chit-chat about the scarecrows.”

Councillors Caroline Gruen, Kevin Ritchie and Julie Heselwood (Lab, Bramley & Stanningley) also helped out with the judging. They said:

“It’s really lovely to see residents on Ganners Way and Ganners Walk coming together in this celebratory way. It’s a pleasure to walk along and look at them all and there’s been some really really inventive designs. hopefully it will be even bigger and better next year.”

David Hodgson is looking forward to the prospects of next year. He added:

“I’m hoping in the long run it might be a yearly thing. You know Guiseley have theirs, Wetwang have theirs. Places have theirs every year without fail, so with a bit of luck it might just take on and go from not just Ganners Way but perhaps the whole of the estate.”

Judgement day comes for the scarecrows tomorrow (Friday, 2 June) where local councillors must make a difficult decision. The display will be up until 8 June. 

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