Join the Bramley Wombles for Raynville estate litter pick

Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Bramley Wombles – a new group aimed at keeping Bramley tidy – is taking part in a clean-up of the Raynville estate this weekend – and is encouraging local residents to take part.

The Wombles launched last month with a litter pick around the Fairfield estate. They have since carried out a number of clean-ups in the Bramley, Rodley and Stanningley tidy.

The Raynville estate clean-up takes place on Saturday, 19 September, from 12pm to 2pm.

More details can be found here.

The group, which was set up by Bramley’s councillors, aims to encourage people to take greater pride in their community.

Litter pickers and bags available on request for individual volunteers as well as plans to organise community litter picks.


  1. I love it. and really appreciate what some people are prepared to do. So thank you to all the Wombles. The next step is to avoid littering the area in the first place. Its starts with educating the kids and then fining ways to fine people for littering from throwing things out of car windows ( which have seen on more than one occassion, so will try and keep the dashcam footage in future). My garden is actually LITTERED with rubbish blown from the roadside and local shops. IT becomes an eyesore and have to put it in our bins on a regular basis.


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