Intergenerational walking football tournament sees Raynville Primary take on Bramley Walking Wanderers

Your back yard walking football
Inter-generational football at Bramley Park. Photo: Your Back Yard

Words: Kyra Rowe

Who wouldn’t want another report back about our second tournament of intergenerational walking football? (If you have not read about our first intergenerational walking football tournament, you can check out our blog post with all the details here!) 

Earlier this month we were down at our constituted walking football team’s pitch in Bramley Park, playing games of walking football with the kids of Raynville Primary School. 

After the pitch was cleared and marked out, and the goals were up – we were all set and ready to go! 

Tony (Your Back Yard‘s director and upcoming walking football coach of the year!) kicked everyone off competitively with a fun warmup featuring ‘head, shoulders, knees, and toes’.

You may have guessed who won… but if you haven’t, the winner was younger than 11! 

Everyone then split into four teams and the games commenced.

All the teams gave each other a run for their money, but the children of Raynville Primary were an undefeated squad (between you and I, this might have been down to a biased ref!).

However, Joy from Bramley Walking Wanderers was a scoring force, keeping the kids on their toes.

It was inspiring to see so many girls down with us to play walking football. We hope this engagement of girls will be something we continue to see in our upcoming sports and activities.

After the tournament ended, everyone left with a smile on their face and an even bigger belly after the kids were gifted with a healthy* goodie bag kindly provided by Val, the teams secretary. 

I’m sure this is not the last of our intergenerational series of walking football so make sure you are keeping up to date with our social media posts. 

If you are an institution working with children who would benefit from getting active and social with people from different generations, contact Your Back Yard.


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