In photos: Brilliant Boys’ Brigade award evening

Boys' Brigade presentation in Armley. Photo: Paul Abraham

By Paul Abraham –

At a time when there is so much negativity around, especially in regard to young people, it was wonderful to attend the 11th Leeds Boys’ Brigade annual display and awards evening at the Whingate Methodist Church and Community Centre in Armley.  

It’s a great shame that the Boys’ Brigade seems to be a “forgotten” organisation in recent times, as the amount of good they do for both the young people attending and their brilliant work throughout the local community deserves to be recognised to a larger audience.

The well-organised and fun packed evening was attended by community activist Lou Cunningham, church liaison volunteer Audrey Reed, officer of the 5th Leeds Girls’ Brigade Lindsay Westlake and the Reverend Pete Brazier and professionally. It was enthusiastically presented by Captain Darren Wilson.

Check out our slideshow of photos from the event below:

The event included an inspection for juniors and company followed by well-worked display sessions from the Anchor Boys.

The Junior Section and finally Company/Senior Sections. A collection then took place for the Leeds North and West Foodbank before the Awards and Promotions were presented in front of an appreciative and proud audience.  

Finishing with comments from the captain and closing prayers brought an end to an enjoyable, inspiring and uplifting evening. 

Check out their Facebook page for more information of this brilliant Boys Brigade group.

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  1. Well done Darren, you and your whole team do a great deal for the Young People of Armley. It is a pleasure to know someone who has been so dedicated for so long. I know it’s a lot more work than just the Wednesday evenings at Whingate Methodist but it’s worth it, the pleasure and sense of wellbeing you give to those Young People is immense.


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