Housing set for former Wortley High School site


The site of the former Wortley High School is set to be sold for discount housing by the council.

Members of Leeds City Council’s decision making executive board are next Wednesday expected to agree that the site be used for housing.

The decision comes despite the site being marketed by the council as a potential care home.

A report to be considered by councillors said:

“For the former Wortley High School site, the offer which would achieve best consideration is for the development of a market housing scheme.

“The scheme would provide onsite provision of Affordable Housing units, in line with Core Strategy H5 Affordable Housing policy.”

The full executive board report which will be considered by councillors meeting in the Civic Hall next Wednesday afternoon, can be read here. The name of the new site owner and how much they paid for the site is witheld from the press and public in a classified report.


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