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Housing development plans submitted in Pudsey

Outline plans to build up to 74 houses on a greenfield site on the outskirts of Pudsey have been submitted to Leeds City Council.

Applicant Yorkshire Sports Limited wants to build a new housing estate on land at Daleside Road in Thornbury.

They have applied for Leeds City Council to approve the principle of development of the land, and access to the site.

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All other matters – such as exact housing numbers, design and site layout – would be decided via another, more detailed, application at a later date.

A planning statement submitted with the application says:

“The aim of the scheme is to create a high-quality development that relates, respects and responds to the character of the surrounding area as well as contributing to the requirement for additional housing in Leeds.”

The site is partly grassed, and partly overgrown with self-seeded trees and shrubs. It is surrounded by residential properties to the north, east and west.

A primary school lies to the west of the site along with a range of commercial uses, including a cinema, hotel and offices. A further primary school is also to the east of the site.

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. In days when we are encouraged to be green and think about being environmentally aware what is to be gained by building on yet more green land? More housing and development would not only put more strain on to stretched facilities such as sewage systems and water works but where are the medical facilities, dental facilities, jobs for the newly housed residents going to go? By simply adding new homes yet more flood plains are going to be disturbed which will impact nearby residents as well as new residents within the development. It is quite frankly shocking and non sensical that so many developments are being authorised on green and greenbelt land when there is such a climate emergency as we are experiencing. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, easier and more energy efficient to renovate some of the existing properties that are being allowed to become derelict. These would not destroy habitats, disturb flood plains and put more pressure on services. We simply can not continue to carry on building new properties at the rate that developers and councils are allowing.


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