Help decorate Bramley Baths’ special Christmas tree!


From this year the Christmas tree at Bramley Baths is going to be living outside – a rooted tree has been bought from a local farm shop/nursery and will be tended by the Bramley Baths ‘gardeners’, writes Debby Dean.

The ‘gardeners’ are a small group of volunteers who have worked hard over the past three years to create a community garden located at the side of the Edwardian landmark building, which is now managed by the community.

But we need your help with decorating it. Have you any spare baubles, tinsel etc that you no longer need? Please feel free to drop by and add your decorations to the tree!

The gates are open during the day and you are more than welcome to come along with your own little bit of festive cheer to add to the proceedings.

Or, are you interested in helping out in the garden? We are having a well deserved rest at the moment but group meetings and gardening events will resume next March. Please check our Facebook page for details!


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