Help Christ Church Primary replace their stolen playhouse


Words: Josie Armitage

An Armley mum is raising funds for her son’s primary school to replace play equipment that was stolen during lockdown.

A large playhouse was stolen from the younger years playground of Christ Church Upper Armley Primary School, together with the toys inside. The school says the playhouse must have been lifted over the high fence and presumably put in a vehicle.

But mum Cat Hyde, who also runs Seagulls Paint on Kirkstall Road, has started an appeal to replace the equipment and said:

“Children at Christ Church are already disadvantaged by the fact they have no sports field, just a concrete playground for break times and PE.

“Play equipment is vital for their development and the playhouse was a major piece of equipment that offered fun to the younger years.

“It is very sad that the school does not have sufficient funds to purchase a new playhouse, this has not been helped by lockdown and the usual ability to at least raise some of the funds through PTA events.”

Jenny Meehan, another mum, said:

“I can’t believe someone stole the playhouse from the children when they are already having a difficult time. The playhouse is a favoured play item for the younger years playground and very missed.

“The school really shouldn’t have to find the funds to cover the replacement of such a large item when funding is so tight and they have so much else to concentrate on.”

The community has responded well to the appeal, with £410 of the £650 target raised so far.

Cat said:

“If we are lucky enough to go beyond our target we would love to direct the money to additional playground equipment such as an astro turf football pitch and a climbing frame.  We thank you in advance for your donation.”

You can donate money to replace the playhouse by following this link.

The playhouse was stolen overnight on the weekend January 30 and 31.

Clarification: This article was amended at 1.05pm on 7 March to clarify Jenny Meehan is not a teacher at the school.


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