Ground work to start on A647 bus corridor improvements


Highway ground investigation works are due to start on the A647 this week, with a raft of night-time activities planned.

Leeds City Council are making a range of transport improvements in key locations across the city, with bus priority lanes and other measures planned down the A647.

A spokesperson said:

“Giving buses priority along key routes will make journeys quicker, easier and more appealing, helping to tackle congestion, air quality and health issues. 

“Due to the nature of the activities some need to be undertaken at night. We do not envisage these works will cause any major disruption. But to help minimise noise disturbance, we have planned to start first with loud activities each evening.”

Night works will take place from 8pm to 6am Monday to Wednesday and 10pm to 6am Thursday to Friday.

The hours of work for day time activities are 7.30am to 4.30pm, with no works carried out within the carriageway during day time shifts.

When traffic management is required, it will be in the form of localised, single lane closures with two-way temporary lights. There are no planned road closures whilst doing these ground investigation works.

Armley Road area

Night time activities:

  • Opposite Canal Road to opposite PCM, 6 and 7 November
  • Canal Road junction and outside Westerly Croft, 7 and 8 November
  • Pickering Street junction, 11 and 12 November
  • Abbot Court to opposite Armley Court, 12 – 15 November
  • Abbot Court to Ledgard Way Junction, 19 and 20 November
  • Ledgard Way junction to Abbot Court, 20 and 22 November

These works will require temporary lane closures with two-way lights.

Ledgard Way junction

Night time activities:

8 and 11 November

18 – 21 November – these works will require temporary overnight lane closures with two-way traffic lights

Day time activities:

18 – 19 November

Canal Road / Pickering Street junction

Night time activities: 15 November

Day time activities: 18 – 20 November

Pickering Street

Night time activities: 18 – 19 November – these works will require temporary overnight lane closures with two-way lights.

In February 2020, main construction work will start along the A647 between Bradford and Leeds, via Stanningley, Bramley and Armley.

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