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Green light for post-lockdown improvements at Armley Library

Council chiefs have given the green light to install new display units at Armley Library at a cost of £4,431.

Improvements include the supply and installation of an additional units to display of historical books, original Potts clock internal workings and rugs to the Children’s Library.

The improvements were originally earmarked for the Branch Road library sand community hub prior to the first lockdown, but were delayed due to the pandemic. The building was refurbished in 2019-20 and the new features were the finishing touches to the improvements.

A council report approving the expenditure added:

“The additional cabinets and rugs at Armley will mean that this site can reopen as originally intended prior to lockdown with a display of important local historical features.

“These additional display units were identified as being needed to display Historical Society books and the original workings of the Potts clock.

“Rugs for the Children’s Library were also identified as required to provide a comfortable floor surface for Storytime activities etc. Lockdown in March 2020, and the impact on Armley Community Hub and Library, meant that these items could not be ordered at the time the construction work was completed however are still required to complete the scheme.”

Potts and Sons was a famous family clock-making business that had been established in Pudsey in 1833 by William Potts.

The council report can be read in full here.


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