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Green belt campaigners seek volunteers for tree survey of ancient woodland

Campaigners opposing plans for housing and industry on green belt land between Pudsey and Bradford are encouraging people to take a tree survey to map ancient woodland.

Bradford Council recently began a public consultation on its Local Plan, a document that will map out sites where housing should be built.

The Tong and Fulneck Valley Association are opposing the plan, which says 1,500 new houses could be built in the green belt between Bradford and West Leeds, along with a new employment site between Tong Garden Centre and the Tong Lane farm shop.

They say the proposals, alongside ongoing plans plans for a new £64 million road that will link the Westgate Hill roundabout with the East of the city, will damage the heritage sites of Fulneck and Tong.

They say the potential road has been earmarked to go through historic Black Carr Woods, with no specific details given. The woods date back to 1671. A campaign spokesperson said:

“Volunteers are needed for a tree survey of Black Carr Woods. You can help by recording interesting trees in the wood, and looking out for other biodiversity too. It’s a lovely way to enjoy the woods and anyone can get involved in your bubble.”

More information about the survey is on the Save Tong Valley Facebook group.

A crowdfunding appeal to raise £3,000 towards solicitors’ costs to oppose the proposals has so far raised more than £2,300.

Bradford Council says there is a need for extra housing sites in the city and that the plan will outline potential sites for development up until 2038 – with more than 7,000 houses earmarked for the city centre. The T&A reports more than 2,000 sites were looked at as the plan was drawn up.

To take part in Bradford Council’s Local Plan consultation, and to see the full list of sites, visit https://bradford.oc2.uk/document/20.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration Planning and Transport, said:

“Despite the difficulties with carrying out a consultation during the restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been able to ensure that it can still go ahead by moving our consultation sessions online.

“We’re making every effort to give people the opportunity to engage with the consultation process, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions mean that having the usual face to face consultation sessions aren’t possible or safe. We realise that some people don’t have access to the internet so people can contact our Planning Department on 01274 433679 and officers will be able to discuss the Local Plan, take comments and answer questions.”

More details about online public information sessions run by Bradford Council can be found here.


  1. What a shame that these beautiful ancient woodlands are now under threat from developers.

    The crucial point here is there is already enough affordable housing without building more on green belt land. It’s just that all the affordable houses are being bought by greedy landlords who buy up these properties (sometimes multiple) to rent out so they can live off the back of someone else who then can never get on the property ladder because a)they are paying money to a landlord and because b)they can’t get an affordable house because all the affordable houses have been bought by greedy landlords. Until we stop this morally unscrupulous and widespread problem we will never have enough affordable housing. It’s simple. The bottom line is how many houses does anyone actually need? Answer is 1!!!!!!
    I sincerely hope these woods are saved.


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