Government minister thanks West Leeds charity for supporting people in need during pandemic

barca leeds baroness visit
Baroness Stedman-Scott is pictured (far right) with Barca CEO Mark Law (second left) and Barca staff (centre)

West Leeds based charity Barca-Leeds was today thanked by a Government Minister for their hard work and dedication helping people through tough times during the pandemic.

Barca-Leeds provide a range of services across the city, including the Barca Outreach Support Team, which was visited by Department for Work and Pensions Minister Baroness Stedman-Scott today.

This service offers intensive, social and employment support to local people who frequently attend or contact emergency and urgent care services.

Following the support from Barca-Leeds there was a 62% reduction in the A&E attendances of the people supported by the service.

These reductions in urgent care contacts also equate to a saving of time for clinicians, allowing more capacity to treat other patients.

Barca-Leeds will next month be offering even more support to the people of Leeds through the launch of a new youth employment service.

The new Work Well service will support young people aged 15-24 from across the city, supporting those whose mental health issues are stopping them accessing education, employment and training.

DWP Minister Baroness Stedman-Scott said:

“Organisations like Barca-Leeds are the fabric that hold our communities together. Their dedication to delivering support for the most vulnerable, especially during a pandemic, is truly inspiring.

“Barca-Leeds’s new Work Well service will transform young people’s lives in difficult times. Young people have put their lives on hold to protect their loved ones and it’s now our turn to help them get back on track.”

Mark Law, CEO of Barca-Leeds said:

“Throughout the past year, we have responded quickly to the emerging needs of the communities that we serve as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

“I am extremely proud that all our services have continued to deliver essential support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to the people we help. This has included the work of the Barca Outreach Support Team, who have supported people with multiple and complex needs.

“This responsive approach has been made possible through our origins as an organisation deeply rooted in the city of Leeds and we are fully invested in supporting the city-wide recovery of our communities.

“Our commitment to ensuring young people are part of the recovery is demonstrated through the launch of our new service, Work Well.”

Barca-Leeds is a community-based charity, with a headquarters in Wyther Lane, that works in and around Leeds, delivering transformational services to adults, children, young people and families.


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