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Friends of Hawksworth Wood bash balsam on workday

Volunteers will be bashing Himalayan balsam in Hawksworth Wood tomorrow (Saturday, July 13 2019) – and all are invited to help out.

Members of the Friends of Hawksworth Wood group will be removing Himalayan balsam from the wood. The plant is a non-native invasive species that does very well in the UK, often at the expense of our native wildlife and biodiversity.

To keep it from taking over completely volunteers go out and pull it up at this time of year, which seems to be keeping it in check at Hawksworth Wood.

The workday starts at 10am and finishes by 1pm, meeting at the Butcher Hill entrance of the wood (LS18 4HN).

Attendees are urged to wear sturdy footwear, clothes that cover your arms and legs and weather protection (e.g. sun-cream/hat, waterproofs). Under-16s are welcome but MUST be accompanied by an adult.


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