Free New Year’s Day minibus links West Leeds with city centre

david blackburn farnley and wortley
Cllr David Blackburn

It’s been running annually for more than 20 years – and a popular free New Year’s Day minibus service run by volunteers will again take to the roads to link West Leeds travellers with Leeds city centre. 

The hourly bus service is run by volunteers from the Farnley and Wortley green Party and operates through New Year’s Day.

It starts from Armley Town Street via the No. 15 route to Greenthorpe Road, then via Henconner Lane, Butt Lane, Cross Lane, Butterbowl Drive to the Butterbowl Pub, then via No. 42 Route to 5 Lane  Ends, then via Greenhill Lane to the Leysholmes, then via Greenhill Lane  to Five Lane Ends, then via No. 42 route to City Square. 

Return journeys start at Bus Stop S3 on Wellington Street (next stop on from opposite the Majestic building) and continue by the reverse of the above.  The bus will stop at all bus stops along this route.

 Councillor David Blackburn (Green, Farnley & Wortley) said:

“It has to be remembered not everyone has transport of their own, yet some people still need transport on New Year’s Day due to work or need to visit elderly relatives or people in hospital.

“Now more than ever due the Climate Emergency, people should be encouraged to use the bus and leave the car at home, but how can they do this on New Year’s Day, when the bus companies do not provide any services?

“I ask that next year the bus companies give the public a New Year’s Day present by providing them with a service on that day, which would help people and the environment.”

For further details, contact Cllr Blackburn on 0113 2790336 or 07943 780914.


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