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Free hanging baskets in awesome Armley!

Hanging baskey planting, via the Armley Common Right Trust. Photo: Emma Bearman
Hanging baskey planting, via the Armley Common Right Trust. Photo: Emma Bearman

Armley’s looking blooming marvellous!

Armley residents benefited from free* hanging baskets at a special annual event in Moor Top Park this weekend.

Here’s Armley resident Emma Bearman’s report from the event:

“[This weekend] was the annual ‘Free Hanging Basket’ day in Little Moor Top in Armley. For those of you wondering it’s by Malcolm’s appliances & opposite what used to be the Barleycorn pub.

The sun shone and the trustees of Armley Common Right Trust set up the little moor with bags of soil, pot plants, hanging baskets for residents of Armley to come make their own.

armley hanging baskets 2I took 2 verdant beauties away, helped no end by those more green fingered than me. I spent a good hour catching up with a variety of Armley folk chatting about recent news, the call for consultation on Armley Town Street, and the notion of neighbourhood planning. We joked about the lads smoking weed in the corner of the little park and how the Barleycorn pub had finally met its end after a drugs bust too far.

“We also chatted about secret back room bars and the desire for a big arty old cafe in Armley.

There are really good people living in LS12 as I’m sure there are everywhere. It’s a wonderful thing that we have the common land, and community stalwarts keeping these spaces for the people of Armley. Armley Common Right Trust welcome volunteers and would love to hear from you if you’d like to join in weeding, mowing, cleaning and planting.

Say hello on the Facebook page and they’ll let you know when the next meet up is. In the meantime of you are accessing one of the spaces feel free to pick up any litter you see & pop it in the bin!”

* By ‘free’we mean you could also offer a donation if you wanted/were able.


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