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Celebrating Armley’s ‘good stuff’!

good stuff armleyAre you somebody who lives or works in Armley? Are you aware of all the good people and good stuff or even a small fraction of it?

At the first get together we want to find out who does what, what stuff is happening, what local residents would like more of and what we could do about it.

Should there be appetite for more organisers hope to come out of this with the next host, a developing map of who/what/where of good stuff, an idea of events and stuff already happening, and a list of stuff people would like to put on or go to in Armley.

It’s all a bit rough and ready, if you’d like to nab a table to promote/sell/share something then let the organisers know when you register online.

The event runs on Thursday, 11 June, 7.30pm at Armley Conservative Club. All welcome!


Get your FREE tickets here.


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