First Pudsey Scarecrow Festival will bring town together

Looking up to the rose garden in Pudsey Park. Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

The first-ever Scarecrow Festival will be held in Pudsey this autumn after members of the community came together to organise the event, writes Keely Bannister.

:Pudsey Scarecrow Festival 2019 Poster]

Pudsey’s Caroline Draper, who is organising the festival, hopes that it will be a wonderful event which will highlight a “real sense of community spirit and bring the whole town together”.

Ms Draper said:

“I have visited Scarecrow Festivals in the past and I always thought it would be fun to start one in Pudsey.
“People will follow a Scarecrow trail using a map which we will be selling on the day. The trail will start in Pudsey Park before taking people around the town before bringing them back to the park.
“There will be many Scarecrows to see in Pudsey Park being made by local groups, residents, businesses and charities. We’re currently up to 15 in the park already. Currently there’s about 30 Scarecrows to visit around the town so make sure you get your comfy shoes on.
“The response from the community has been overwhelming! Residents are getting their whole street involved which is just what I hoped for. Some streets will be organising ‘Pit stops’ for festival visitors to take a break at and buy a cup of tea and a slice of cake.”

Pudsey Scarecrow Festival 2019]
Picture: copyright Caroline Draper

The festival, which you can keep updated with via Facebook, is to be held on Sunday 1st September from 10am until 6:00pm.Profits made from the festival will be donated to Pudsey in Bloom.

As well as the scarecrows, there will be live music in the park, stalls and The Rainbow Factory will be providing entertainment throughout the day.

To enter your scarecrow in the festival or if you require any more information, e-mail Caroline Draper at The deadline for entries is Wednesday 31st July.


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