First four Kirkstall Valley Grants Award winners announced

kirkstall valley grants scheme recipients
Grant recipients in July 2019.

The first four recipients of the Kirkstall Valley Grants (KVG) scheme have been announced at an awards event, writes Keely Bannister.

The winners, announced on the evening of Wednesday 3 July, were:

Julie Botham is involved in a number of community projects including Creative Communities where she is a director, who will use the money to make Edible Beds in Bramley.

Angela McConnell will use her role with Broadlea Better Community Tenants and Residents Association to build bug houses.

Grace Hills will use the funds for Neighbourhood Planting in Eden Crescent, Kirkstall.

Nicola William who will engage in Hedgehog conservation in Armley.

Each person has received £250 from the grant scheme to invest in their project.

The scheme itself is a joint initiative between Kirkstall Valley Development Trust (KVDT) and Open Source Arts (OSA), with support from Power to Change, which aims to empower residents in the Kirkstall Valley (Armley, Burley, Bramley, Kirkstall, Rodley and Horsforth) to “create a leading example of what a sustainable future could look like”.

Kirkstall Valley Grant administrator Lucy Todd said:

“We have had a positive level of interest, considering we are in our very early stages and this is our first round of awards.
“Our next cycle has started and we will be giving another four £250 awards out in three months’ time with criteria and application forms on our website.
“We would love to hear people’s ideas and also hear from anyone that would like to get involved either in a project or as a mentor.”

You can apply for a micro-grant by visiting the Kirkstall Valley Grant website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Winning smiles: Pictured top are the first four recipients of the scheme with the Kirkstall Valley Grants core team. From left: Angela McConnell, Eleanor McConnell, Paul Chatterton (KVDT), Grace Hills, Julie Botham, Adele Rae (KVDT), Phil Marken (OSA), Nicola William & Lucy Todd(KVG). Picture copyright: Phillip McConnell.


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