Farsley nursery nets ‘good’ Ofsted report – and praise for teaching

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By Matthew Shaw

Children’s Corner nursery in Farsley benefits from strong and occasionally outstanding teaching, a report from Ofsted inspectors has said. 

The report, published this week, rates the nursery as ‘good’ overall and says pupils are close to their assigned key person, which allows the children to feel safe in and around the nursery.

As well as key people, the nursery staff also reassure the pupils, talking to them in gentle tones.

Daily routines are also used which, paired with the previous things, allows the children to feel very comfortable and safe. 

Education is also very important in the nursery with children being taught via their interests. For example, children are taught about shapes through vehicles being told words that describe the shapes of what they see. The report states that this not only develops their vocabulary but also teaches them mathematical language as well.

Staff are described as kind and caring. They encourage positive friendships as well as exposing younger people to new stimuli which encourages sensory investigation. The staff are thoroughly checked to make sure they are appropriate to be around children. Furthermore, they are also trained in first aid in case of an accident. 

Parents also gain support from Children’s Corner. They are directed towards additional support when required and also given various services such as shoe fitting and hair cuts which gives them more time to spend together. 

The report even states that “Teaching is strong and, on occasion, outstanding.” An example of this is how staff use appropriate and thoughtful questioning techniques demanding on age. 

In conclusion, the nursery makes sure pupils are safe and comfortable while also being given a well rounded vocabulary by a safe and considerate team of staff. 

The nursery is based on the site of Farsley Springbank Primary School in Wesley Street.

The full report can be read in full here.


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