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Farsley meeting discusses rights of way changes

Words: Richard Warren

A meeting discussing rights of way changes and free heritage resources will be held in Farsley tonight (Wednesday, 2 February 2022).

The social meeting, run by Running Seeds, will provide the opportunity to explain the rights of way status but importantly present and guide how to use a plethora of free online heritage resources.

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There’s no need to be technology savvy – just come along, have a drink, browse some big old maps, point me at anything of interest to drive research with you or simply share your memories and maybe photos.

If you are into tech, please bring along a laptop and join in!

I’ll have large poster prints of old maps plus a couple of spare laptops to browse photos I’ve taken at the West Yorkshire Archives.

Online pointers include old maps, census, parish records, 1800s newspapers, 1930s aerial photos, old photos, industry background, books, Facebook groups and more.

The workshops are also an ideal opportunity to promote other local community groups so please come along/get in touch to represent – e.g. running groups, walking groups, reclamation groups, social groups etc.

The meeting will be held at held at Farsley Celtic’s Nest bar, from 7pm.


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