Farsley Festival 2017 set to draw the crowds


There will be fun galore when thousands of people make their way to Farsley Festival 2017 this weekend.

The free event will take place on Saturday, June 24 between noon and 5pm at Hainsworth Park and this year’s event will focius on the theme of ‘play’.

Attendees will be playing games, playing with words, watching a theatre play and playing music. A spokesperson said:

“From brass bands to acoustic, spoken word to theatre, there is bound to be something you’ll stop to enjoy.”

Every year the festival hosts a ‘big community moment’; 2015’s was getting more than 1,000 people wearing knotted hankies, 2016 was the hundreds of pom poms made by the people of Farsley which decorated St John’s Church tower.

In 2017 festival goers are creating Play Flags -like beautiful Tibetan Prayer Flags blowing in a breeze, but this time they will have been created by the people of Farsley and hung creatively throughout Hainsworth Park.

Attendees are invited to bring a picnic along to the park.

Check out a map of all Farsley Festival events.

Events include:

Main stage
12.15pm – Alex Santarpia
12.55pm – Punjabi Roots
1.50pm – Farsley Village Singers
2.30pm – Red Light Revival
3.20pm – Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers
4.20pm – Eclectic Sparks
Big Bands
12.30pm – 1.15pm – Phoenix Concert Band
1.45pm – 2.30pm – Phoenix Concert Band
2.50pm – 3.30pm – Bassa Bassa
4.20pm – 5pm – Bassa Bassa
Workshop area
1.15pm – Alex Santarpia
1.45pm – Punjabi Roots Academy
2.30pm – Urban Theatre
2.45pm – Suitcase Circus Hula Hoop workshop
3.30pm – Urban Theatre
3.55pm – Alex Santarpia






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