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Farsley: Concerns over anti-social drivers around Town Street

Speed surveys in Farsley show a ‘concerning’ number of vehicles going at higher speeds in the evening – most commonly near the bottom of Town Street.

Calverley & Farsley councillor Peter Carlill had originally asked the council’s highways department to carry out the surveys along Farsley Town Street/Old Road before the Coronavirus pandemic.

The surveys were then delayed to make sure they were giving a realistic result given the decrease in vehicles during lockdown.

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Cllr Carlill said the intention of the surveys before the pandemic was to see how far the 20mph speed was generally being adhered to, as it was clear from the speed indicator devices that many people are going above the speed limit. Cllr Carlill said:

“Since then it has been clear that there are more reports of speeding in the evenings by anti-social drivers. The speed surveys were taken in three locations, all of which had previous results to compare against.

“What this shows is that there generally the majority of traffic in all zones is around 15-25mph, but there are still a large number of vehicles at 25-30mph – up to around 18% of drivers at some times of the day in the top and bottom locations (speeds around the middle of Farsley near the Co-op were better on average).

“During the day the number of vehicles going above 35mph looks to have generally reduced over the last few years, but as expected there are still a number of vehicles going at higher speeds in the evening – most commonly further down Town Street.

“These issues are a concern I have already been working on, but it’s good to have the data behind it to further evidence the issue. I will be continuing my conversations with Highways officers and the police around solutions to this, and have also started arranging for community speed checks with interested community groups.”

Farsley residents have been quick to react to the findings of the survey on social media. One person said:

“When drivers get past the speed they start speeding up past liberal club up old road to Stanningley it like a race track some evenings also the sign is smashed outside opposite farsley libs but still working occasionally.”

Another added:

“Hi Peter, next time you do a speed survey of this kind, please include the stretch of Farsley from the Cenotaph down to the bottom of Bagley Lane/Coal Hill bend, that’s where it all goes ‘Fast and the Furious’ as soon as people bear right at the Cenotaph and race to the bottom, bouncing over the speed bumps.”

Cllr Carlill urged Farsley residents to contact him with any concerns or comments they would like him to raise with highways officers to let him know by e-mailing


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