Farnley staff and shoppers help needy at Christmas


Staff at a West Leeds Sainsbury’s store have been making a difference this Christmas, writes Andy Dalton.

Sainsbury’s Farnley Local store decided to back local charity Leeds City Mission for its Christmas Kids project.

They heard how the 180-year-old Armley-based charity, which works with disadvantaged communities, were spearheading a seasonal project to give Christmas presents to children in need.

Staff members and customers were able to give Leeds City Mission over 60 christmas gifts to match the 60 presents the organisation had been able to acquire through its supporters and other organisations.

Staff went the extra mile. Yesterday four members of staff spent an afternoon with the Mission staff wrapping, packing and labelling the gifts.

They also helped to prepare a prisoners’ Christmas pack as gifts for inmates of Armley Jail who are often forgotten at Christmas. ach pack contained a pair of socks, a tube of toothpaste and a book.

A total of 100 packs were prepared and delivered to Armley Jail by staff where they were handed over to the City Mission Chaplain Claire Newton for use in the prison.

Store manager Ali Khan explained that the store had a growing relationship with Leeds City Mission. In recent months they had been able to supply trays of surplus food for the Mission to use in its work with unemployed people and families living on benefits. The staff were enthusiastic about their involvement in the Christmas Kids project knowing that it would bring seasonal cheer and hope to local children.

We would like to thank Sainsbury staff for their valued support at this time of the year. Together with Leeds City Mission they are helping to make a difference to people in need in the Christmas season.

Andy Dalton is Leeds City Mission Co-ordinator.


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