Farnley Reservoir campaigner issues anti-vandalism plea

farnley reservoir vandalism
Vandalism at Farnley Reservoir. Photo: Daniel Riley

A water safety campaigner has issued a stark warning in light of ‘mindless’ vandalism at Farnley Balancing Reservoir.

Daniel Riley has been leading calls for more sins and safety precautions around the edge of the reservoir over the past few years – but has hit out at vandals who have damaged the signs over the past 12 months.

Mr Riley, of Armley, said:

“Signs are replaced or cleaned at the expense of the public. This is a stark warning to think before you vandalise. Actions have consequences.

“Darnley Reservoir is extremely dangerous as it’s got a huge amount of silt, which is a hazard in itself. Not only is the reservoir an active flood defence, it’s also a waste water asset.

“Over the last year many signs have been graffitied or dumped in the reservoir itself. Those signs could save someone’s life.”

Yorkshire Water last month removed 100 tonnes of silt from the reservoir.


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