Farnley: Public meeting tackles number 42 bus problems

cllr matt gibson number 42 bus
Labour's Matt Gibson

A public meeting will tackle ongoing problems with the number 42 bus, which runs through Farnley and Wortley and into Leeds city centre.

Cllr Matt Gibson (Lab, Farnley & Wortley) has organised the meeting with representatives from First Bus on Thursday, June 21 at Old Farnley Community Centre from 6.30pm.

Cllr Gibson, who’s organising the meeting alongside Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves, is encouraging anyone who’s experienced problems with the service to come along. He said:

“I’m really keen for as many people as possible to attend the meeting, which is being held at a community centre on the route of the 42, because I think it’s vital for First Bus to hear and appreciate the level of frustration with its service.

“I think if First Bus hears directly how much frustration there is among so many people, it’ll have no choice but to respond and make the improvements that the service is clearly in need of.”

Cllr Gibson said the issue of the number 42 bus regularly came up in conversations. He added:

“Of course, I appreciate that it’s not just the 42 people are unhappy with. I’ve had conversations with people who are disappointed by a number of services. However, the 42 comes up in conversation as a source of concern way more frequently than any other service.

“In order to try and get to the bottom of these problems and hopefully make some vital changes, I felt it was important to try to make this meeting quite specific in order to hopefully get some real, tangible outcomes from it.”

Updated: 7.45am May 30 to clarify the meeting starts at 6.30pm, not 6pm as originally stated.


  1. no wonder he thinks 42 is a bad service ..poor blokes stood on whitehall road .should we tell him hes more chance of getting a 38 254 or 255 bless him

  2. Hi Anne

    Yep, that stop’s not on the 42 route. Apologies. I’d been out on a litter pick that morning and had just grabbed another picture on Whitehall Road related to a separate issue. I felt bad about dragging my friend around with me to take photos so decided to just grab a photo at any old bus stop. Next time I’ll be more accurate in illustrating my point. Sorry again. But hope you can see that the point still stands that the service is failing too many residents and something needs to be done about it.


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