Emergency work to clear railway vegetation between Bramley and Calverley


Emergency work to reduce overgrown vegetation between Bramley and Calverley will be carried out by Network Rail workers.

Vegetation management work will take place on the railway between Bramley and Calverley, which will take place overnight between 11.45pm on Saturday 27 June and 8.30am on Sunday 28 June.

A Network Rail spokesperson said:

“Vegetation management is important to ensure the smooth running of our railways, reducing delays through issues such as fallen trees and debris on the tracks. This particular work is to reduce the vegetation around Overhead Line Equipment. By doing this we are able to remove vegetation that could hamper journeys for passengers and freight.

“We are mindful that the clearing vegetation can have an impact on local communities, and aim to carry out the majority of the work during daytime hours whenever possible.

“The reason why this work needs to be carried out during the night is because the work is being carried out around overhead lines. This requires them to be switched off which can only be done during the night when they are not in use.”

Network Rail’s maintenance team have delivered notifications to residents living by the side of the railway in this area to inform them of the emergency work.


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