Dog walkers face fine over unscooped dog mess


Dog owners and walkers in West Leeds who don’t clear up their dogs mess or have the necessary bag to do so could now face a fine.

New dog control orders came into effect earlier this year (July 2018) requiring anyone walking a dog to carry a bag or have some other way to pick up and remove their dog’s mess. Dogs are also prohibited from Leeds City Council owned tennis courts and multi-use games areas.

The power to fine people started this week.

The council took the decision to allow a number of months ‘grace period’ for the education of dog walkers on the necessary responsibilities and for people to get used to the new legislation.

This legislation, which falls under Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO), builds on previous dog control orders that included the dog wardens powers to ask owners to put a dog on a lead (where it is causing a nuisance) and the maximum number of dogs that can be walked at any one time (six for professional walkers and four for others).

The fixed penalty notice for anyone not adhering to the new orders is £100, or £80 if you pay the fine within 10 days.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council executive board member for environment said:

“The primary aim is to encourage good habits throughout the city. With the co-operation of residents, visitors and businesses, we hope to see a great improvement throughout Leeds resulting in high standards of cleanliness.

“We don’t want to have to fine people, so it is a simple case of doing the right thing, putting litter in the bin and picking up their dog’s mess.”

To find out more about the restrictions and fines in place visit the council website.


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