Cycle superhighway: Stanningley Town Street closures


A main road in Stanningley is set to close temporarily as work continues on building a £29 million cycle superhighway between Leeds and Bradford.

Leeds City Council has posted a temporary closure notice for the B6157 Stanningley Town Street between its junctions with Richardshaw Lane and Vickersdale to allow resurfacing and lining works to be carried out.

It’s also proposed to close Town Street’s junctions with Slaters Road, Woods Row, Vernon Place, Butler Way, Fowler’s Place and Arthur Street to be phased ‘as and when necessary’ during the course of the works.

The notice says access to premises will be maintained where possible and suggests a diversion of Swinnow Lane; Swinnow Road; Lowtown; Lidget Hill and Richardshaw Lane. It says the temporary road closure is ‘in the interests of public safety’.

The works are set to take place between 7am and 7pm on three consecutive Sundays – 15th, 22nd and 29th November.

Richardshaw Lane closure pudsey
Flashback to August and closure of Richardshaw Lane. Photo: West Leeds Dispatch

Back in August The Dispatch reported how Richardshaw Lane closed for eight weeks to allow work on two mini roundabouts to be carried out.

When funding was originally announced for the City Connect cycle superhighway, Cllr James Lewis, Metro chairman, said the cycle superhighway would “transform” cycling between Leeds and Bradford.

He said the route would link local residents to “employment sites, areas of housing growth and key economic regeneration sites” as well as encourage more people to use their bikes for commuting to and from work. This, in turn, would reduce the dependency on private cars.

But the scheme has split public opinion, with some residents saying the money could have been spent on other things.

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  1. I am also sure that the money could have been spent on better things which would also have prevented all this ridiculous disruption.

  2. I think its a total waste of time, parts of the route at the bottom of Richardshaw lane were bad enough for traffic to get through and soon it’ll get alot worse. The money could have been spent on other things.

  3. Oh good Lord as if it wasn’t bad enough when Richardshaw Lane closed…

    You know, there’s so much injustice and poverty in this world … and yet with one hand this Government is handing £29 million for a white elephant like this and with the other taking away from the NHS, police and vital frontline council services.

    In better financial circumstances I wouldn’t have much of a problem with a cycle lane – I’m all for keeping fit – but in times of austerity it shouldn’t even be on the radar as a priority.

    What utter utter madness…

  4. This has been the biggest waste of time and money I have seen in a long time. The amount of cyclists on that route is minimal and i just can’t see how it will increase more cyclists.
    This has affected a lot of people with the pure inconvenience for drivers, but also considering the effects on local businesses, reduced parking, and the fact the lanes have reduced in size to dangerous sizes, especially when trying to get past the bendy buses or when emergency vehicles try pass is just not worth it.
    £29 million could have been spent on something worthwhile to all people, this has been ridiculous.

  5. I am a cyclist and I often cycle from Bramley to B&Q at Thornbury. There was already provision for cyclists where the road was wide enough. I remember I used to avoid some cycle paths because the road sweepers could not get into them so there were patches of glass. I don’t think I would ever cycle from Leeds to Bradford because it is too far even for me (and I cycle 10 miles a day five days a week to work and back). When I cycle to Bramley to Leeds I either use the canal towpath or I use Kirkstall Road. So I am pretty indifferent to this.

  6. The £29m could have been better spent on so many more worthwhile projects. But that wouldn’t have boosted so many egos would it now? Nothing like a vanity project to gain support from some of our publicity hungry Councillors.


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