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Armley exhibition celebrates women in war

An exhibition celebrating the role of women in the First World War will be held in Armley.

The Women, Work & War exhibition will be held from 7 November – 24 September 2017 at Leeds Industrial Museum.

It honours the vital role that British women played in the First World War. As men headed abroad to fight in the war, more than one million women joined the workforce between 1914 and 1918.

They took on the jobs left by men including bus drivers, train cleaners, police officers and in munitions factories.

Women, Work & War highlights the variety of these roles women had in Leeds across the economy in the First World War. It shares the stories of women working in the city’s munitions manufacturing, which began in Armley, and expanded to the Barnbow site in East Leeds.

This slideshow and the graphics within it were created by Lee Goater (


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