Cycle superhighway: Stanningley Bottom resurfacing affects buses


UPDATE: Metro has this morning corrected the times of the road closures originally posted on its website – they are 9pm-5am each day, not 7am and 7pm as originally indicated by Metro. Apologies for any confusion.

ORIGINAL POST: Bus routes hare being changed this week as a result of resurfacing work in the Stanningley Bottom area.

Roadworks in connection with the £29 million cycle superhighway will take place today (Sunday, 24 January, 9pm until 5am Monday morning) and from tomorrow until Friday, 29 January (9pm – 5am each day).

According to Metro, bus changes in the Stanningley Bottom and Stanningley Town Street area are as follows:

  • Services 9, 16 & 16A will divert via Bradford Road, Ring Road, and Owlcotes slip road to Richardshaw Lane.
  • Services 14 & 91 will divert via Swinnow Lane, Swinnow Road and Lowtown.
  • Service 72 towards Bradford will divert at Bramley Town End via Henconner Lane, Stanningley bypass and the Ring Road.
  • Service 72 towards Leeds will divert at Dawson’s Corner via the Ring Road to the Swinnow slip road, then via Swinnow Lane and Stanningley Road.

More details here.

The resurfacing work includes work that was originally due to be carried out in November, but was cancelled due to bad weather.

Last August The Dispatch reported how Richardshaw Lane closed for eight weeks to allow work on two mini roundabouts to be carried out.

When funding was originally announced for the City Connect cycle superhighway, Cllr James Lewis, Metro chairman, said the cycle superhighway would “transform” cycling between Leeds and Bradford.

He said the route would link local residents to “employment sites, areas of housing growth and key economic regeneration sites” as well as encourage more people to use their bikes for commuting to and from work. This, in turn, would reduce the dependency on private cars.

But the scheme has split public opinion, with some residents saying the money could have been spent on other things.


  1. Absolute waste of money …. but hey Leeds City Council know best. I would prefer the money to have been spent on repairing pot holes, traffic calming measures and the NHS. Should an emergency vehicle need to use Town Street Stanningley may God help them. Total disgrace shame on you Leeds City Council.

  2. Looking FW to using this as part of my commute.

    Lets get more people on bikes and

    Save NHS costs ( being fit massively reduces lots of illnesses)
    Reduce sick days (fit people are ill less)
    Reduce congestion ( people like to think just 3 people will use it, look at Strava stats for parts of this route, it gets used)

  3. Big fat wast of £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££. I’m a bus driver on the 72 and its a big fat wast of money. No one is going to ride from Bradford to Leeds. Only way this is going to get used as it should do is raising money for a charity once a year to travel from Dawsons corner to Leeds. Wow wee.

    • You are aware that you don’t have to use the entire route right? People will be allowed to get on the highway somewhere between the 2 cities and perhaps even not cycle to one of the cities!

  4. leeds city council keep asking how to save money well let me tell you this is not the way then asking for redundances to pay for it all just makes you laugh

  5. I was stuck behind a bus the other day who could t get past a lorry coming the oher way because the new layout at one point makes the road 2 narrow for larger vehicles,oh and watch out when snow falls and hides those kerb corners randomly sticking out into the road.even cyclists have complained about the layout.. can’t believe such a wide road is now too narrow!


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