Cycle superhighway: Concerns over ‘wrong direction’ cyclists


Armley Forum members raised concerns about the safety of cyclists going the wrong way up the new cycle superhighway which cuts through west Leeds.

Last night’s public meeting at Armley Library heard one resident say he had seen several young cyclists going the wrong way up the cycle superhighway, off Stanningley Road and Armley Road. He said:

“I worry it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, especially when the cyclists going the wrong way cut across junctions with other roads.

“Could the council not put arrows on the track? Or is it a case of better education for cyclists?”

Chris Wray, from Leeds City Council’s highways department, said he was unaware of any problems but would look into it.

The cycle superhighway stretch between Leeds and Bradford had been due to officially open this week, however the scheme – due to open earlier this year – has hit further delays.

A CityConnect spokesperson said on Facebook:

“Due to the wet weather, some of the green surfacing is still being laid on the Superhighway between Leeds and Bradford. We apologise for the further delay. Please keep looking on this page for further updates. Thank you for your patience while the works complete.”

Also at Armley Forum last night, one resident raised concerns about about the safety of bus users getting off buses straight into the cycle lane, but Mr Wray said there was a small island for people to step onto.

Forum chair, Cllr Jim McKenna (Lab, Armley) said he hoped that the cycle superhighway would be a success. He said:

“There are about 700 deaths a year in Leeds due to toxic fumes and that is something that the council is concerned about. It’s a horrendous number when you think about it.

“Around 2,000 cars an hour go0 in both directions down Stanningley Road, the air quality around there isn’t going to be great.”

Other highways issues raised at last night’s Armley Forum included concerns over double parking at the bottom of Carr Crofts, near the junction with Town Street.

One resident called for yellow lines outside the leisure centre to be extended down one side of the street.

Mr Wray replied:

“We can take that comment on board and try to get that problem rectified.”

The CityConnect cycle superhighway, which has been funded by the government, links East Leeds with Bradford and aims to encourage people to get out of their cars and cycle more.

Crime figures

Police revealed that crime figures continued to be low in the Armley areas, but said they were targeting extra patrols around the Burnsalls following reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

They encouraged residents to make sure their windows and doors were locked in warmer weather to tackle opportunist thieves.

Armley Junk-tion break-in

Louise Cunningham from Armley Junk-tion pay as you feel café thanked local councillors for helping to raise money to repair the window broken during the recent break-in.


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