Would-be thieves break into Armley Junk-tion


Pay as you feel café Armley Junktion was broken into on Tuesday night – but the would-be thieves left empty handed.

Posting on Facebook, Real Junk Food Project founder Adam Smith said the would-be thieves had used a ‘ladder-like’ structure to climb up to, and smash a window. He also offered help to whoever had broken in.

armley junktion break in 2
Some of the damage caused by the break-in. Photo: Adam Smith/Facebook

Mr Smith wrote:

“To the person/s that broke into Armley Junk-tion ‪#‎PAYF‬ cafe last night, we apologise, but we do not keep any monies on site.

“Luckily no-one was injured whilst creating a ladder-like structure to break the glass of the window with a brick, only to find themselves locked into a room, and then somehow climb back out safely.

“One day last week, we fed over 50 people and made £1.50 in PAYF donations. Most our our income comes from external events and catering, which is usually paid BACS.

“If it was something specifically you were looking for, then maybe next time just ask us? If you’re in such a state that you were desperate enough to have to smash into a Community Interest Company’s building to try and find money, then next time, just ask us…we’re all actually good people, I’m sure we would have helped you out.

“Also, you may want to come back and get your phone you left behind?… sorry.”


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