Crowdfunding: Your help is needed to deliver play in Armley!

playbox charlie cake park armley
Playbox runs out of a shipping container in Charlie Cake Park, Armley. Photograph: Emma Bearman/Playbox

“Playbox has transformed Charlie Cake Park from a dog exercise park/toilet into somewhere that local kids feel is now their space to play. You’ve brought people together and inspired them to use it again.”

Playbox is a mini venue in a shipping container creating play (for all ages) in an area of Armley where there was very little, writes Armley resident Emma Bearman.

We’ve already come a long way with our Playbox this year and with summer fast approaching we need your help to deliver even more play, sustain a future for playfulness here and help us create a model to catalyse other places where people would like to put play in the heart of their communities.

Playbox01 requires internal storage solutions, power, signage, foldable furniture, catering equipment, litter pickers, waste disposal and an external canopy.

All funds will go directly to improving the experience of play and creativity for the generations of people who want to play and create, and enable more volunteers to share opening the playbox to the community on a more frequent basis.

Ben & Playbox from Playful Leeds on Vimeo.

Your support will also help us to prototype this mini Playbox with a view to developing further networked Playboxes in other communities next year.

Minecraft in Playbox at Charlie Cake Park from Playful Leeds on Vimeo.

We are also happy to take donations directly from you at our regular Friday Lark in the Park BBQ 6-8pm. Come join us either way!

To donate, or find out more about how to help out in other ways, head over to GoFundMe.


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