Criminal activity forces Armley Junktion to close at weekends


It’s the café that led to a global network of cafes serving intercepted food destined for the rubbish tip.

But bosses at Armley Junktion have taken the decision to close the cafe’s doors at weekend due to increased anti-social behaviour, criminal activity and intimidation towards staff and volunteers.

A statement issued by Real Junk Food Project founder Adam Smith on said Facebook:

“On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th several members of the community were involved in the following:

  • Dealing of drugs
  • Violence
  • Incidents including an attack which lead to a member of staff having to bandage a male whom had been attached with a brick, whom [sic] was topless and covered in blood.
  • Intimidating, threatening and inappropriate behaviour towards female staff and volunteers.
  • Intoxicated incidents involving urinating and fighting.

“The serious lack of support from the police, third sector organisations & council have lead to us making such drastic changes as we are verging on a serious incident occurring.

“We apologise to all that are affected by this change. We will continue to strive to make the cafe as positive and safe as possible for the entire community.”

Armley Junktion is the first cafe of its kind to feed intercepted food that had been destined for landfill and turn it into healthy meals allowing its customers to “Pay As You Feel” or what they can afford for the food provided. The cafe underwent a refurbishment earlier this year.


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