Councillor hails progress on A647 permanent speed cameras

Bradford Road
Bradford Road. Photo: Google

A campaign to have permanent speed cameras installed in a notorious stretch of road between Bradford and Leeds is finally moving in the right direction, a councillor has claimed.

The A647 (Bradford Road) connecting the two major cities has long been the bane of local residents’ and local councillors’ lives, with concerns that the road is used as a racetrack by speeding ‘boy racers’, particularly on a night.

This week Councillor Andrew Carter (Cons, Calverley and Farsley), has welcomed the news that Leeds City Council’s Highways Department has finally presented a report to the West Yorkshire Camera Safety Partnership, which seeks amendments to the current criteria for speed camera enforcement.

Councillors on the Outer West Community Committee have previously called for the committee review its criteria for accepting the need for cameras on a road.

Cllr Carter hopes the latest developments may finally lead to fixed speed cameras being sited on the A647. He said: “At least there appears to be progress on the speed camera situation on the A647, and not before time.

”The West Yorkshire Camera Safety Partnership, after previous refusals to make amendments to their criteria, are now considering proposals put forward by Leeds City Council’s Highways Department, which would allow a case to be made for permanent speed cameras to be installed on the A647. 

“I am assured that highways officers are now drafting a formal report for these changes to be made, along with an assessment of the costs.  To be frank, you cannot put a cost on the saving of lives, so there must be no more vacillation.

“I am continuing to have briefings with the Chief Superintendent of Police in Leeds and with the Highways Department, and intend to keep the pressure well and truly on.

“I very much welcome the support of so many local residents who have contacted me.  The powers that be need now to get a move on.”

Armley residents have also previously called for permanent speed cameras on the A647 Stanningley Road.

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  1. What have we resident living along the A647 done to warrant all the disruption and restrictions undertaken along this stretch of motorway, bus lanes restricting traffic down to a single lane thus having a build up of slow moving vehicle’s waiting to get into Leeds. I know of no other major road in the city that has been messed about like the A647. I’m starting to think that the intention is to turn this road into a walk or cycle way only.


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