Council refuses to determine latest Burley Road lodge site plans

Photo: Stuart Long

Council planning chiefs have refused to decide the latest housing plans on the site of a historic former lodge house in Burley.

It’s the latest twist in a long-running planning saga which last year saw Leeds City Council issue an enforcement notice that a new property at the former St Anne’s Villa site at 378 Burley Road had to be demolished as it was not in line with the original planning consent.

The applicant, Mr K Malik, is required to demolish the house but earlier this month put in another planning application for another storey on the house.

The Planning Authority have refused to determine the latest plan, saying: “The secretary of state dismissed an appeal on 02/02/2021 against [the] refusal of a similar application which was substantially the same development and on the same land.

“The local authority’s view is that there has been no significant change in the relevant
considerations since the appeal decision.

“Of note also, is that the existing building is unlawful and the subject of an Enforcement Notice which sought removal of the unauthorised two-storey development on the grounds that it failed to comply with planning approval for a single storey dwelling house.”

The applicant has been asked to remove the unauthorised building and all associated materials from site. The timeframe for this has now lapsed.

As previously reported, residents have opposed a number of applications on the site.

The plans can be viewed in full here.


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