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Burley: House plans withdrawn at historic lodge site

Latest plans to build a new house on the site of a historic former lodge house in Burley have been withdrawn by the applicant.

Mr K Malik applied for retrospective permission to build a new dwelling on grounds formerly associated with St Anne’s Villa, off Burley Road.

He submitted the application after receiving retrospective permission from Leeds City Council back in November.

The proposals would create a new dwelling in place of the original lodge house, the total demolition of which was approved in 2014.

But substantial works have taken place both internally and externally prior to approval for a new build on the site.

The latest application on the site had met with concerns from local residents and councillors.

Burley resident Adele Rae said in her objection letter:

“This building, whilst admittedly not listed, was of historical importance and held in great affection by local people. For the last 18 months it has been shrouded in black plastic sheeting concealing from everyone the work that was being done.

“It would be quite outrageous if this retrospective planning permission were granted in defiance to objections from both residents and local councillors.”

Melanie Robbins, of Kirkstall Village Action Group, said:

“The original building was a heritage site, even though it was not listed, and was an important historical building to local residents. To allow the loss of this piece of local history is criminal to say the least.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


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