Council approves new parking restrictions on Pudsey streets

leeds civic hall
Leeds Civic Hall

By John Baron

Council highways chiefs have approved new parking restrictions to improve road and pedestrian safety on a raft of different streets in Pudsey.

The scheme proposes to introduce a package of works within the Pudsey ward to improve access and the safe passage of traffic in the area, including restrictions on:

  • Carlisle Road
  • Carlton Avenue
  • Carlton Rise
  • Cemetery Road
  • Clifton Drive
  • Clifton Road
  • Edward Close
  • Fartown
  • Greenside
  • Greentop
  • Henry Grove
  • Hough Side Road
  • New Street
  • Perseverance Street
  • Post Hill View
  • Radcliffe Lane
  • Regency Park
  • Richardshaw Lane
  • Round Hill Road
  • Smalewell Road
  • South Parade
  • Uppermoor
  • Waterloo Road
  • and Wheatfield Court.

A council report said the measures were advertised last year and this week rejected an objection from one resident, who expressed concern about the possible displacement of parking in the Clifton Road area. In dismissing the objection, a council report said:

“Introduction of the restrictions will help restore sight lines for vehicles exiting junctions, whilst preventing vehicles from parking in ways that cause obstructions, delays, or safety issues on the public highway.

“The proposals will displace a small number of vehicles throughout the nearby area as parking is removed, but this negative is mitigated by the safety benefits described above.”

The council highways officer’s report goes on to add:

“The scheme that this report relates to addresses several key concerns around the Pudsey Ward, primarily addressing local traffic issues including obstructive parking and the provision of a safer environment for the general public, which will contribute towards the Council’s goal to reduce the numbers of people killed or seriously injured on the city’s roads.”

The full report can be read in full here.


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