Concerns raised over A647 uncut grass verges


Concerned councillors are calling for the central reservation on the A647 is Armley to be mowed amid fears the tall grass could lead to an accident

Both Councillors Jim McKenna and Andy Parnham (Lab, Armley) expressed concerns over the lack of mowing around the Stanningley Road area at last night’s inner west community committee meeting.

Cllr McKenna welcomed the growth of wildflowers and the principle of relaxed mowing, but said road safety should not be compromised. He said: “I know we had No Mow May but it’s now July and the grass is getting out of control along Stanningley Road. It’s 3ft tall in places.”

Jim Mckenna armley
Cllr Jim McKenna

His concerns were echoed by Cllr Parnham, who added: “It is dangerous, someone is going to get killed because of it.”

Councillors at the meeting agreed to contact the council to clarify its policy on cutting grass on the central reservation and to call for action on road safety grounds.

The inner west community committee is made up of nine councillors (all Labour) from Armley, Bramley & Stanningley and Kirkstall wards. It is also made up of community co-optees.

Councillors also agreed a raft of grants for community initiatives. More details here.

The full agenda and papers for last night’s meeting can be read here.

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  1. I complained about this a few weeks back on the Council portal where you can report things but nothing has been done
    Typical council

  2. I agree. The central reservations need to be cut, as you cant always see cars or people coming through the gaps in the reservation

  3. They need to do some cutting back of trees and bushes in various places in the area too, there are a lot of obscured road signs.

  4. Great to see biodiversity encouraged in these otherwise unused areas and a great boost for pollinators and other invertebrates. If you’re concerned about driving safety then slow down and be more observant


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